Established by EKH in 2010, NatEnergy is the fully owned holding company for the four energy and gas companies in the EKH portfolio: NatGas, Fayum Gas, Nubaria and Kahraba. NatEnergy’s fully integrated gas operations cover a wide spectrum of activities, including the implementation of gas transmissions, distribution, gas application projects, power generation and the provision of O&M services and techno-economic studies, in addition to its subsidiaries operating as independent power producers with one of the two available licenses to directly sell electricity to third parties.

Covering over 1 million customers in Egypt alone — and through its diverse activities — NatEnergy has an expert, nuanced understanding of the natural gas industry, helping it strategically invest in profitable business segments and provide professional support, financing and business management to its subsidiaries.

The company also has strong strategic partnerships with global players such as Shell, Gail India and Petroleum Gas Co. (PETROGAS), and significant room for growth in the market as 5 million new customers are likely to be connected in the next five years. NatEnergy holds a competitive advantage in the industry due to significant barriers to entry as a result of investments totaling over EGP 2.2 billion, an amount difficult to replicate.

The National Gas Company (NatGas) provides services including the construction, operation and maintenance of natural gas transmission, networking and distribution lines to domestic, commercial and industrial customers. NatGas is the main contributor to NatEnergy’s operations,


while the company has been awarded nine concessions, representing the widest geographic coverage among all private sector gas distribution companies in Egypt.

NatGas has invested roughly EGP 1.8 billion in infrastructure investments in its concessions since inception. NatGas partners with EK Holding include Gail India and Petrogas.

Al Nubaria for Natural Gas Company (Nubaria) transports natural gas from the major supply areas and sources to markets. The company was established to take on the role of building a steel pipeline to supply natural gas to West Nubaria power station, one of the largest power generation projects in Egypt, producing 2,250 MW (triple the capacity of the Aswan High Dam). Nubaria currently provides roughly 9.6 million m3 per day, transported 43 km from Tanta along a 24-inch, 70 bar, high-pressure steel pipeline maintained and operated by the company. Nubaria operates PRS and steel pipelines using the supervisory control and dataacquisition (SCADA) system, allowing full control over every aspect of the process.

Fayum Gas operates three concessions in Fayum governorate, where it is responsible for the construction, maintenance and operation of the natural gas distribution network for the entire governorate. The company has significant growth potential on the back of the Egyptian government’s plan to connect more households customers to the national grid.


The National Electricity Technology Company (Kahraba) builds, owns, operates and maintains power generation stations, substations and distribution networks, providing energy solutions to a diverse mix of industrial and commercial clients in Egypt. The company’s services are all encompassing, supporting the full cycle of power generation facilities and delivering intelligent technical solutions that offer cost savings and added value. Kahraba has undertaken a number of large-scale projects, including the new American University in Cairo campus in New Cairo and the gas-powered 42 MW central power plant in the Borg Al-Arab district in Alexandria.

Kahraba is working tirelessly to not only earn the leadership position in Egypt but also extend services and broaden its regional presence. Established in 2003 as a greenfield investment, Kahraba is licensed by the Egyptian Electricity Regulatory Authority to generate and sell electricity to third parties. Kahraba is also the only private sector company to be licensed and linked to the Egyptian power distribution network.

Kahraba has recently obtained the approvals necessary to expand its central power plant in Borg Al-Arab from 26 MW to 92 MW by the end of 2018.

Looking ahead, EKH’s management is very optimistic about the electricity business in Egypt, the only sector in the country with a clear, five-year pricing plan. Kahraba is very open to expansion opportunities higher up the generation chain, particularly if opportunities to directly lock in gas supplies from the private sector were to present themselves.


Gas Chill is an Egyptian company established in late 2006 to provide inventive world-class cooling and heating solutions using groundbreaking Japanese and European technology. The firm

specializes in district cooling systems for industrial and commercial clients, and is the sole provider of Kawasaki Thermal Engineering (KTE) in Egypt and the Middle East, with a view to expanding regionally in the future. Gas Chill has authorized capital of EGP 300 million and paid-in capital of EGP 19 million.

Gas Chill’s core objective is to provide the most revolutionary, environmentally friendly energy supply techniques, not only in Egypt but the MENA region as well. Gas Chill offers innovative energy solutions, products and services, while supporting its clients and helping them gain a competitive edge in their markets by tailoring its solutions to meet their current and future requirements.

Gas Chill applies the “one-stop” concept in its operations: pre-sales, installation and testing, project management, fully integrated solutions and a distinctive after-sales service. This concept has been at the heart of Gas Chill projects. Gas Chill has, in a short time, attracted reputable and opinion-leader clients through build-own-operate (BOO) or build-operate-transfer (BOT) agreements, among which are: Cairo Festival City, Arkan Mall, Americana New Cairo Mall, American Sheikh Zayed Mall, General Authority for Investment, Neurospine Hospital and Concord Mall in New Cairo.


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