Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Projects

From its support of NGOs through applications and donations, to its involvement in spreading software knowledge to Egyptian universities, Egypt Kuwait Holding is proud to have participated in numerous educational initiatives. EKH offers assistance to surrounding schools, supplying them with computers to further develop students’ cognitive and technical skills and providing support for renovating the infrastructure of educational institutions. In addition, the company has conducted training programs for more than 40 students from Cairo University, Assiut University, the German University in Cairo, the American University in Cairo and MSA University. EKH also approved an agreement with the Masr El-Khair Society, providing volunteers of the Ard El-Khair project with development and training support in Assiut.

In line with its goal of developing strong relations and better communication with local communities, EKH also supports local hospitals, providing them with medical equipment to improve the health of the local community, in addition to its participation in social events for surrounding communities.





EKH is an active supporter of Injaz Egypt, an organization working to bridge the gap between the education system and the private sector. In partnership with the Ministry of Education and multinational and national companies, the program has positively impacted 400,000 Egyptian students in more than 451 public schools and 21 universities in 26 governorates since its establishment in 2003. Injaz Egypt is a member nation of Junior Achievement, a global economic education organization with a presence in over 100 countries, impacting over 8

million youth worldwide.