As part of EKH’s responsibility towards its employees, especially those working in hazardous conditions, periodic health and safety training sessions take place to maintain the well being of workers and sustain a zero-accident work zone. EKH ensures all its subsidiaries respect the fundamental human rights of our employees, people working for our suppliers, and our customers.


The following are the guidelines that govern all our activities:

  • We carefully examine environmental, public health, safety, and social issues as part of the due diligence process that we undertake with each and every investment.
  • We will be accessible to engage with our relevant stakeholders through either General Managers or Representatives of our affiliate/subsidiary companies.
  • We will grow and develop the companies in our portfolio with long-term sustainability in mind, ultimately benefiting our multiple stakeholders.
  • We will remain committed to compliance with applicable national and local labor laws in the countries in which we invest.
  • We will continue to provide competitive wage and benefit packages to all our employees.
  • We will provide a safe and healthy work environment in conformance with national and local laws.
  • We will provide timely information on the matters addressed herein, and work to foster transparency on all our activities.
  • We will encourage our subsidiaries to advance these same principles in a way that is consistent with their fiduciary duties.