Founded in 1979 under the name Al Sherif and with authorized capital of EGP 250 million and paid-in capital of EGP 38 million, Al Shorouk was acquired by EKH in 2007. Already a successful and well-established tableware manufacturer, Al Shorouk has flourished under EKH’s ownership standing at c.75% stake.

Thanks to synergies with Sprea Misr, an EKH portfolio company specializing in urea and melamine products, Al Shorouk receives a reliable supply of high-quality raw materials at affordable prices, distinguishing Al Shorouk from foreign competitors.

Al Shorouk is a standout among local competition for its commitment to health and safety. Unlike many local manufacturers who use less expensive, carcinogenic urea, Al Shorouk’s tableware is made from 100% melamine and clearly labeled to help consumers make safe purchasing decisions. This consumer confidence has greatly contributed to Al Shorouk’s 10% market share for melamine tableware and 77% market share for urea trays, as well as strong brand recognition in the Egyptian market.

The company produces urea trays and melamine tableware using two separate production lines with a combined 86 presses and overall production capacity of 3000 tons per annum. 

From its production facilities in Belbeise, Al Shorouk supplies all of the hypermarkets in Cairo and distributes products across Alexandria and cities in Upper Egypt and the Nile Delta. The company’s export activities focus primarily on the Middle East and Africa.