Our Board of Directors oversees EKH’s business strategy and affairs. Moreover, the Board appoints from among its members a Managing Director who is responsible for the implementation of Board decisions and EKH executive actions.

The EKH Board comprises executive and non-executive directors with a range of qualifications, expertise and experience. The selection of board members always considers their qualifications and ability to add value to the company.

Our Board comprises 19  members, one Chairman and one Executive Director responsible for carrying out all executive tasks and responsibilities.

There are various mechanisms for Board interaction with shareholders and employees, including recommendations, upper level directives and communication with various departments throughout EKH and its subsidiaries.

The Board sets up corporate and departmental plans to inform shareholders and to help realize EKH’s goals. Results and progress are followed up by the Board Chairman through monthly, quarterly and semi-annual progress reports that are submitted to the Board.

Board Committees

EKH’s Board of Directors is able to oversee all Corporate Governance activities of the Group and its subsidiaries through three standing committees:

  • The Internal Audit Committee
  • The Investment Committee
  • The Renumeration Committee