EKH's integrate portfolio of investments companies operating in five strategic sectors including Upstream Gas, Fertilizers and Petrochemicals, Gas Distribution, Electricity and Insurance.
Regardless of whether they are acquisitions or greenfield projects, our companies have the potential to expand regionally, export globally and grow incrementally as they develop their business models, maximize group-wide synergies and shore up management talent.

15th Annual EFG-Hermes One-On-One Conference - Dubai
          Start Date: 04 March, 2019
          End Date: 06 March, 2019
       Start Date: 13 January, 2019
          End Date: 16 January, 2019

          Start Date: 21 January, 2019
          End Date: 22 January, 2019
          Start Date: 23 January, 2019
          End Date: 24 January, 2019