Delta Insurance is a publicly listed company established in 1981, and was acquired by EKH in 1999.

Delta Insurance has grown steadily over the years to secure roughly c.3% share of the Egyptian insurance market. With over 300 professionals operating more than 19 branches, the company has built a strong competitive position in the Egyptian market, offering innovative insurance products and services supported by dedicated, well-trained and knowledgeable insurance professionals.

In July 2013, Delta Insurance was divided into two companies with two distinct boards of directors, per Egyptian law: Delta General, which provides medical, fire, vehicular and marine insurance, and Delta Life, which provides traditional life insurance products. Both companies cover a range of local and foreign corporations and individuals, but Delta General’s largest clients are corporate, while Delta Life primarily serves individual customers. Delta Insurance also engages in reinsurance with leading local and global partners.

EKH has an effective ownership of 63.22% of Delta Insurance.